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In Arkansas, Beacon Health Options serves as the QIO-like organization, responsible for assisting the State of Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) in administering the state’s mental health care delivery system.

Beacon provides utilization review (UR) for prior authorization through a free, secure, web-enabled system, for inpatient services for beneficiaries who are under 21 years of age as well as for outpatient services for children, adolescents and adults. Beacon also provides UR for substance abuse services for beneficiaries ages 9 through 20 and pregnant females.

In addition to UR services, Beacon provides Reintegration Management for beneficiaries who have complex care needs. The Reintegration Management program focuses on beneficiaries under the age of 21 and serves as a support to the family in the navigation of behavioral health services. The Care Managers are resource experts with a focus on discharge planning and community reintegration in cooperation with the provider and the guardian.

The Beacon Arkansas Engagement Center staff provides outreach and training through onsite visits or web-based training for all Providers as well as manages grievances from beneficiaries and their families. In addition, Inspection of Care (IOC) Review Teams conduct onsite IOC reviews for all inpatient and outpatient providers annually.

If you are a client and you have questions about your benefits, please contact the Division of Medical Services (DMS) at the following toll-free numbers:
Call: 800-482-8988 — for issues related to beneficiary eligibility
Call: 800-482-5431 — for issues related to coverage
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